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Thursday 31 July 2014

Options for Orthodontics

Orthodontics is becoming more and more popular, as fewer people want to have crowns and veneers that cut back healthy teeth in pursuit of the perfect Cheryl Cole smile. As I know myself, having had orthodontics over the last year, the short term pain is definitely worth the long term gain without having to consider replacement of crowns at some point in the future.

There are now several options available and the demand for ‘invisible’ braces has led us to this favoured version.

Smile Tru is a transparent sequential positioner system that goes beyond conventional braces in comfort and convenience for both the patient and the practitioner. Smile Tru is manufactured under exacting specifications in the U.S.A. Smile Tru features the added advantage of various levels of implementation depending on the types of imbalances present. The Smile Tru product line allows the practitioner to treat more patients with transparent positioners.

The Smile Tru Orthodontic Appliance is comprised of sequential transparent tooth positioners that are capable of moving a tooth up to .25mm and up to 2 degrees in angulation and/or torque. The space required to obtain the desired position of the teeth may be obtained by proximal stripping (IPR), or by pre-treating the case with arch developing appliances such as the ALF appliance or the RN-Sagittal appliance.

The clinician has the option of requesting the laboratory to fabricate the positioners on a three month basis, or to fabricate the entire set of positioners required to completely treat the case. The three month option allows the clinician to assess the progress of the treatment. (This does not mean that treatment will be complete within 3 months).

Most cases are treated by changing the sequential tooth positioners every 14 days. The laboratory will provide the clinician with the approximate number of sequential tooth positioners required to treat the individual case.

Some points to be aware of….


  • The tooth positioners should always be placed in the provided retainer box when not in use

  • Keep the retainer box with positioners out of the reach of children and away from the family dog

  • The tooth positioners should not be exposed to extreme heat

  • Use either denture cleaner or tooth paste to clean the positioners. DO NOT use chemicals such as bleach as these can damage the positioners

  • Positioners should be removed when eating

  • Drinking tea, coffee, and red wine can stain the positioners

  • Some patients experience an excess of saliva when starting treatment

  • One or more teeth may become temporarily sensitive when placing new positioners

  • The positioners may have a mild affect on speech. Talking with the positioners in place will speed adaptation process

  • The patient must maintain proper oral hygiene. Failure to do so can cause caries and periodontal disease

  • Some patients have a malocclusion that is best treated with Smile Tru on the upper teeth and conventional braces on the lower teeth that are not visible on most patients. Many times this combination therapy can speed the treatment time and reduce the amount of stripping (IPR) required to properly position the teeth. 

  • There are some contraindications to consider…..

  • Patients with temporal mandibular joint dysfunction

  • Patients allergic to the poly vinyl positioner material

  • Patients with active periodontal disease and/or severe alveolar bone loss

  • Dental implants or ankylosed teeth will act as anchor units and will not undergo movement

  • Carious teeth should be temporarily restored prior to Smile Tru therapy

  • All options for Smile Tru can be discussed at a consultation and if you are not suitable for this type of orthodontics then we will probably have another option that will suit you.


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