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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ortho getting there!

Now into November and the time really seems to be flying by, I have now had the upper ALF (expander) removed but still have the one in the lower jaw – you can see in the picture, it is still working to expand and create space in the lower jaw.

Steve has now started to close up the gaps created in the upper jaw, straightening the teeth at the same time. You can just about see in the picture that my front four teeth are now straight and have been wired together to hold them in place, there are then clear coloured chain elastics going from the upper right and left 2 to the upper right and left 3 (the eye teeth) to pull them into alignment.

Hopefully by next month these gaps will be closed, the eye teeth are still quite rotated and they should now start to turn to face the right way.

The cleaning is a pain! I take the little cleaning brushes with me everywhere, on the plus it is good for the waistline as you don’t munch on any old biscuit that crosses your path!

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