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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Ortho Blog 1

So, I’m 38 this year and have decided to have my teeth straightened . . . . . . . . . . . . again

When I was 13 ish I got dragged along reluctantly to get orthodontics, the orthodontist at the time said I needed four premolars out to create space (as is the way with NHS orthodontics) and then full head gear followed by fixed train tracks to sort out my lovely smile. As you can imagine as a 13 year old this wasn't very appealing to me but after lots of persuasion from my parents decided to go ahead with a compromised version involving taking the 4 teeth out to create space and then have a fairly simple removable appliance to pull back my goofy teeth. The result was ok, but what did we know?

Now, 25 years later and having worked in dentistry since I was 17 I have decided that I want perfect teeth! I now work with Stephen Tittensor who does arch expansion orthodontics. This involves widening the dental arch rather than taking the teeth out to create space and although I have already had the teeth taken out it generally results in a narrow arch that doesn't look as good as the nice wide toothy smile our American friends generally have.

Impressions and x-rays done, and two weeks later I have a lovely removable appliance, called an”R N Sagittal”, that is pushing out my teeth to create some width & space before I have the fixed that will line them all up nicely. I am expecting to have this for about 3 months.

The good thing about this stage is you can’t see it and I can take it out to eat, but I think I will also lose weight as I am used to munching throughout the day and now won’t, as it will mean taking my brace out! The downside is I am talking a little strangely at the moment, and working on reception and on the phone this is a bit tricky, but I don’t expect this to last. It is also a bit strange having something in my mouth at night and I tend to grind occasionally so I am concerned that I will chew through the brace but Steve assures me it will be fine.

As you can see from the picture I don’t have terrible teeth but why not go for perfection now I can afford to.

My upper right central incisor is slightly forward and twisted; as you look at the picture it’s the front tooth on the left, I am narrow in the premolar area from the extractions years ago making the upper left 5 look like there is a gap and my upper left three has rotated.

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