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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Ortho Blog 2

May 2012

I am now 8 weeks into my orthodontics, according to Steve I have just over 1 mm of width created, which I can tell in my bite as my teeth don’t meet the same any more. Wearing the R N Sagital is fine, I don’t really notice it apart from when it is tightened and then my teeth are tender for a couple of days but I can still eat (without the brace in my mouth) with very few problems apart from maybe chewing something hard like a toffee! My speech improved quite quickly and although I feel like I am talking with a bit of a lisp no one else seems to notice.

As you can see from the picture compared to last time there is a gap opened up between my front two teeth and there are also gaps either side of the front two but you can’t see from this angle. Steve says they will look worse before they get better due to creating the space needed to then align them. 

You can also see with the R N Sagital in place it doesn't show much.

I am now due to get the lower ‘Alf’ made, which could be fitted next week – this involves placing some elastics in-between my lower 6 and 7 which over a couple of days will ease the teeth apart and create space to put the bands around that will hold the Alf which is not removable.


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