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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Ortho Blog continues!

Here we are already at the start of August and I have had my lower ALF in place since the start of May, I am now starting to get some visible gaps where they were previously slightly overlapped as you can see in the picture. Last blog I mentioned that the elastics had been placed to create a small amount of space to fit the bands around my lower 6’s which you can now see in the picture (left side picture) the bands and brackets that hold the ALF in place and will also hold the ends of the straight wire (train tracks)

You can see the space that the upper RN Sagital has created (right picture), that along with the width that has been created I am now ready for the upper ALF and fixed straight wire (train tracks) My teeth are a jumble at this stage, but now we can start to line them up. (The lower straight wire will come later)
The lower ALF has been much more comfortable than the upper RN Sagital and I am looking forward to replacing the RN Sagital with the ALF towards the end of the month, I don’t know that I have the lower ALF apart from food getting stuck in behind it – I now always carry a pack of TePe’s and a makeup mirror!

I guess this is preparing me for the food trap of fixed braces and can’t help laughing as I remember Sex & the City when Miranda gets her fixed braces. (Sorry if you have never seen Sex & the City!) I will look like this next time you see me!

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  1. I also have a teeth gap before. Keep on asking on how to close gap teeth but I tried Orthofill on fixing it and it works. If that did not work, I should have tried braces :3